Electoral Commission happy with by-elections process

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Chairperson of the Electoral Commission Glen Mashinini says he is happy with the manner in which the by-elections taking place in 24 wards across the country are proceeding. Mashinini visited four wards in Benoni, Ekurhuleni, east of Johannesburg today to assess the commission’s operations and the way in which voters are conducting themselves.

He says that there has been no disruption in voting reported and all stakeholders appear satisfied with the commission’s performance. Approximately 170 000 voters are registered to vote in the 24 wards across 17 municipalities in all the country’s nine provinces.

The polls are being contested by 77 candidates representing 14 political parties along with 18 independent candidates.

“The reports we received, yes, we opened on time, in fact, they were there an hour or so earlier and I heard the feedback from the political parties as well as the officials. I have spoken to a few of the voters and everybody is saying thumbs up to the Electoral Commission of South Africa and thumbs up to our leadership here in Gauteng, they have done an excellent job so far and I hope we maintain this record.”

Residents in Ekurhuleni share their views about the process: 


Mashinini says that he believes the COVID-19 pandemic will have little impact on the turnout of voters for by-elections. Results for the elections are expected tomorrow.

“We also confirmed by the previous by-elections where statistically speaking there was no variance in the operation under normal and under the COVID conditions and we hope that that track record will be continued and that is why we are urging all those who are eligible to vote today to come out in their numbers to come and vote. The operation is safe and the speed is very fast and it’s a festive environment everybody is happy and everyone is looking forward to the outcome of these results.”