EFF threatens to render City of Tshwane ungovernable

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Tshwane has threatened to render the city ungovernable if the Metro does not reinstate the dismissed workers.

Scores of workers with the support of EFF members and supporters have marched to the City of Tshwane head office in the Pretoria CBD demanding their jobs back as well as their salaries for August and this month.

EFF marches in Tshwane:

This as political parties were expected to table a motion in the sitting council meeting to demand that the Executive Mayor Cilliers Brink and committees engage with the workers unions and ensure that all sacked workers be reinstated with full salary and increases.

About 300 workers affiliated to SAMWU and IMATU have been dismissed for embarking in an unlawful wage strike since July.

EFF councillor and party chairperson in Tshwane, Obakeng Ramabodu told the protestors that the DA’s racist attitude on black workers must not be tolerated.

“We know that racism is undermining black people. The DA always sees black people as nothing. And we want that stupid man to come here and receive that memorandum or else we are going to render this city ungovernable. We not going to accept anything else anywhere unless we die here for our rights. And that stupid mayor must come here to receive that memorandum. We are going to make sure that we are not going anywhere.”

A father of four says he cannot pay his debts anymore and wants his outstanding salary as well as his job back.

“I did not get the salary since August and September. Life is bad and house, car no money to pay and no food for children. They gave a dismissal letter but I was coming to work and clock every day.”

He’s also being supported by scores of Tshwane residents who came in their numbers to join the protest calling for the city to reinstate the dismissed workers.

“We coming to support the workers for increase of salaries and against the abuse of workers.”

“I come from Garankuwa and here to support the workers. Others are going to work and we want to know what’s the problem with others. I have a friend who work at Tshwane so I am here to support.”

Opposition parties are on the other hand calling for a political solution to end the labour dispute that has collapsed services in the metro.

Mpho Tladinyane speaks for the workers union, SAMWU.

“You will remember that the EFF and the ANC, the last council meeting have raised issues to ensure that indeed workers are paid what is due to them. But we further appreciate the motion that is in the agenda today put forward by ActionSA seeking to compel the executive mayor to engage labour in pursuit of ensuring that the impasse that is there, between the city and its workers is resolved and we appreciate all the support from political parties.”

Meanwhile, inside the council chambers, a debate was brewing despite the council insisting that there’s no money to pay workers salary increases.

A police contingent has been deployed outside and inside the council head office as well as adjacent streets to monitor the situation.