Economists concerned frozen potatoes price may increase

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There are concerns among some economists that the price of frozen potatoes may increase, adding to already high food inflation in South Africa.

The International Trade Administration Commission has introduced import duties on imported frozen potato chips from three countries in Europe namely Belgium, Netherlands and Germany for the next five years.

The duties range from between 8.8% to 239% to prevent further dumping.

The duties were approved by Minister of Trade Industry and Competition, Ebrahim Patel.

Potatoes SA has welcomed the anti-dumping decision as it helps protect local producers and enhances local competitiveness.

Agricultural economist, Thabile Nkunjana says, “So this means then that the local industry is going to have to sort of make sure that it meets the remaining amount that has been imported from the countries and of which in recent times they have shown the growth that is required to fill that gap, especially last year even though they were issues in terms of the electricity issues that have impacted the production in terms of irrigation.”