It’s still too early to call which party will control the US Senate and House of Representatives with all polls yet to close across the country’s six time zones.

Democrats must win at least 23 Republican seats to take control of the House and while competitive, many remain too close to call.

While in the Senate, Democrats have lost a must key race in Indiana.

Democrats are also slightly trailing in a key Senate race in Florida where incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson is facing Republican Governor Rick Scott. Democrat Joe Donnelly failed to retain his Senate seat in Indiana against Republican Mike Braun but outstanding races remain in key states from Texas to Nevada and Arizona where Republicans are incumbents.

Voting is still underway in Western States and will later close in Hawaii and Alaska.

Democrats are leading in as many as 30 house districts currently held by Republicans, needing just 23 to take control of the lower house.

Early indications are not showing a massive blue wave for Democrats but a majority of states are outstanding with the results on the eastern seaboard and southern states also not complete.

Polling has shown that Republicans will retain control of the Senate with Democrats winning back the House.

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