Disappointed Spurs fans contemplate Kane leaving as Bayern lurk

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Tottenham fans were disappointed by the news that their star player, Harry Kane, could be on his way to Germany after Spurs reportedly agreed a deal for his transfer with German giants Bayern Munich on Thursday.

England captain Kane has been subject to interest from the Bavarians all summer, with his boyhood club Spurs believed to have rebuffed a number of offers from the Germans already.

However, Bayern, who won the league for a record 11th successive time last season, has reportedly now reached a deal with Tottenham Hotspur for over $110.19 million.

Outside the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium fans said they were disappointed by the news but suggested the time may be right for him to move on.

”I think obviously the clubs have agreed the deal, but I can’t see Harry Kane going to play in Germany. I think he’s very close to beating the Premier League goal-scoring record isn’t he so and I think he’s got to stay for that because it would be a big accomplishment for him. Obviously, he could go to Bayern and win loads of trophies, but you know he needs to stay with us, if he stays with us, we’ll win some trophies,” a fan said.

“’If he had any sense he would stay, wouldn’t he. He can’t break any Premier League records when he’s playing in Germany. It’s up to the guy isn’t it,” another fan explains.

”Nobody’s irreplaceable and nobody’s bigger than the club you know it’s sad if he went but we’d just have to get on with it wouldn’t we,” aa fan reiterates.

”Oh, massive because who’s going to score you 30 odd goals a season? Richarlison definitely isn’t. I’d go in for Ivan Toney in January maybe go and chuck 40 million on his head and see what happens, but we’ll have to wait and see won’t we,” a fan elaborates.

Despite being Spurs and England’s all-time goal scorer, Kane has failed to win a major trophy during his career.