Dealing with poverty, inequality top of Nelson Mandela Foundation’s agenda

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The Nelson Mandela Foundation says it aims to focus on dealing with poverty and inequality when the country marks Nelson Mandela Day on Tuesday this week.

Mandela Day is an annual global celebration that takes place on the 18th of July to honour the life and legacy of the late statesman.

Head of Mandela Day and Public Outreach at the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Gushwell Brooks, says, “What we find is that global climate change has definitely accelerated food insecurity. Inflation is very serious, and it’s hitting people’s pockets extremely hard. But food is double the average inflation rate of everything else. So, already we’re seeing that food is a rare commodity, it’s an expensive commodity, and this is, of course, exacerbated by global climate change. So, on that very basis, we feel that we need to work with communities to enable them to be able to plant their own food while simultaneously taking action against climate change.”

9th anniversary of the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day project: