“De Lille waited too long to form party “

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Some political analysts say veteran politician Patricia De Lille waited too long to form her own party in order to contest in next year’s general elections.

On Sunday De Lille announced that her party ‘ Good ‘ would officially be launched in January where its premier candidates and manifesto will be announced to contest the elections in all nine provinces.

Some analysts have voiced optimism that the party would fair well, garnering votes from the Democratic Alliance (DA). However, Professor Dirk Kotze says De Lille has an enormous challenge ahead of her in order to get ready for the elections.

“One of my criticisms of this movement that’s now evolving is that they define their own niche area and we haven’t seen much except to say it is about good people,  it’s about good citizens its about doing good things for SA and that in itself is a bit vague in order to develop an identity as a political party.  I think one of the key challenges for her is that this party’s now formed within maybe 5/6 months before the next election so it’s going to be a major challenge how to set up the party infrastructure with branches and with provincial structures and nomination processes before the election and I guess she actually waited too long for this. “