The Democratic Alliance (DA) has taken its election campaign to the Noord taxi rank, in Johannesburg, where it says it wants to introduce an integrated transport system.

It says the party will ensure that public transport is the safest and most reliable mode of transport for commuters.

The DA says commuters will be able to use one ticket to access all modes of transport including trains, busses and taxis.

The rainy morning, in Johannesburg, did not detract supporters who were united in song campaigning for the party.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane, accompanied by Gauteng premier candidate, Solly Msimang, did a walk at the taxi rank convincing both commuters and taxi drivers to vote for the party.

He is promising a much better taxi service should the DA be voted into power after the May elections.

“Obviously our people depend on public transport yet this government continues to spend money on state owned enterprises and SAA rather than investing on public transport which majority of our people use.”

“We want to make sure that we have an integrated transport plan. We must make sure that we have a public transport that is safe.”

Commuters expressed mixed emotions over the DA campaign.

A commuter says:”I am a student and have been waiting for my internship for two years but nothing is happening. I did hospitality and in this field you have to go via agencies or bribe people, there are no jobs. I think the DA will bring change.”

Another commuter says:”My problem with the DA campaign is that they are unable to state what they are going to do but are pointing out what the ANC is doing wrong, misusing money, everyone will misuse money even them.”

The fight for power to govern the country intensifies as we are left with just less than five weeks to the polls.

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