DA hopeful of winning Gauteng

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The Democratic Alliance (DA) says it is expecting more than 20 000 people to attend the launch of its election manifesto at the Rand Stadium in Johannesburg on Saturday.

The party says it’s confident of a win in Gauteng in the general elections on the 8th of May.

Party leader in Gauteng, John Moodey, says the DA’s document, which is titled ”Manifesto for Change” is a culmination of consultations with South Africans.

“Yes the DA will be out here in out masses, we expecting around 20,000 people this event – the biggest event ever held by the DA. And this reminds me of the April 2016 when we hosted our campaign right here in the very same venue – and this time around, two or three years later we hosting the event in a DA metro,” says Moodey.

As the DA prepares to launch its election manifesto, it is facing several challenges including internal divisions.

However, the party is hopeful that it will make gains on its electoral support that currently stands at 22% in the May general elections.

Political Analyst, Ralph Mathekga, says the party’s flip-flopping on empowerment policies reflects an inadequacy in genuine policy formulation and articulation.

“What is going in the DA regarding black economic empowerment is a demonstration of the party’s inability to formulate its own position. It appears to me that when the DA wants to take a position on an issue, they seem to be worried about firstly, how that will be received in the public dialogue, who’s saying what in the public dialogue and they take a position. They just improvise as they go along, they change their position as if they’re just gauging the public mood,” says Mathekga.

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