DA disagrees with IEC ruling on De Lille

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The Democratic Alliance’s (DA) representative at the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC), Mike Moriarty, says they disagree with the commission’s ruling about Patricia de Lille’s resignation.

Moriarty says the DA has consulted its legal advisors, who stated that the IEC has no powers to issue instructions in such matters.

This comes after the IEC ordered the DA to desist from telling the public that De Lille was fired as Cape Town Mayor, when she had resigned instead.

The IEC ruled in her favour after she laid charges against the DA and the court has ordered the party to publicly apologise to her within three days from Tuesday.

“The inconsistency that arises is that we’ve lodged, ourselves, several complaints with the IEC and asked them to do similar investigations with other parties for different matters,” says Moriarty.

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