Cuban doctors shouldn’t be blamed for local doctors being unemployed’

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Health expert Doctor Kgosi Letlape says Cuban doctors should not be blamed for the high unemployment among local doctors. This after the Gauteng Health Department faced backlash from the DA for its hiring of Cuban doctors.

The DA argued that the department favoured Cuban doctors over local ones.

Letlape says Cuban doctors have plugged the gap and worked in rural areas where local doctors are not prepared to go.

“Those people that have been brought in; have they been brought in for special skills? When you come in and you are a young doctor, what special skills do you bring? Those are the issues that need to be analysed so that we not seen as been anti other people and a violation of human rights. What is our human resource plan? Why have they been brought in? Are there South Africans that can do that? Do a proper analysis.”

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