Court postpones bail hearing for AKA, Tibz murder suspects

AKA murder accused
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The Durban Magistrate’s Court has postponed the bail application of five men accused of the murders of Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes and his friend Tebello ‘Tibz’ Motsoane to next Tuesday.

During Wednesday’s session, the court was informed that police are investigating the possibility that the accused operated as a gang before this case. AKA and Tibz were fatally shot outside a Durban restaurant last year.

Opposing bail, the state submitted a sworn affidavit by Detective Bob Pillay, a member of the investigating police team. Pillay highlighted that several of the accused are connected to taxi violence in other pending cases.

Prosecutor Lawrence Gcaba read from the affidavit, stating: “Our evidence is suggestive of the fact that the applicants and their associates operate as a gang. Part of the group are involved in supplying stolen vehicles and firearms whilst other members of the group carry out the assassinations.”

“They were paid for their criminal conduct. There is an element of evidence suggesting offences committed under gang-related activities. The state is collecting evidence to substantiate these charges,” Gcaba read.

AKA, Tibz murder accused apply for bail:

The court also heard how one of the accused, Lindokuhle Ndimande, acted as a spotter for the shooters while the musician and his entourage dined in a Durban restaurant last year. The state is opposing bail for the five accused.

Gcaba continued reading from Pillay’s statement which says: “He chose a spot where AKA and those in his company were in his sight. This is indicated on CCTV footage where he had to change seats while inside the restaurant. He’s also seen busy on his cellular phone while eating and looking in the direction of AKA and those in his company.”

“During the shooting outside the restaurant other people ran away while others went outside to look. He remained inside the restaurant and not shaken like others were,” read Gcaba.

AKA-Tibz Murder Case I Court hears about alleged payment: