Allegations of R800k payment to suspect in AKA and Tibz murder

AKA, Tibz murder suspects.
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The Durban Magistrate’s Court heard that the fourth suspect in the murder case of Kiernan “AKA” Forbes and Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane, Mziwethemba Gwabeni was allegedly paid R800 000 by prominent businessman Sydney Mfundo Gcaba the day after the murder.

A sworn statement submitted by investigating officer Detective Kumarasan Pillay, stated that the money was paid from Gcaba’s company, Bright Circle. Five of the seven suspects in the matter face charges, including two counts of murder, five of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, possession of unlawful firearms, possession of unlawful ammunition and money laundering.

The sworn statement of Detective Pillay detailed how the state used forensic ballistic reports, vehicle tracking, CCTV footage and cellphone recordings all which positively linked the seven suspects in the plot to kill Forbes and Motsoane.

The court heard that the fourth suspect in the matter, the alleged co-ordinator, was not only the paymaster but very involved in the murder. Pillay said that cellphone records of Mziwethemba Gwabeni showed that he followed Forbes from the King Shaka International Airport to the Hilton Hotel in Umhlanga and back to Florida Road.

The cellphone records also show that Gwabeni was in constant communication with the other suspects, Lindani Ndimande, Siyanda Eddie Myeza and Malusi Ndimande and his brother Siyabonga Ndimande who were arrested in Eswatini last month.

Cellphone records also place all the suspects in the vicinity of Florida Road on the night AKA and Motsoane were killed. The state alleged that Malusi Ndimande was the one who pulled the trigger.

Shocking revelations emerged that Gwabeni made a call to Durban businessman Sydney Mfundo Gcaba, the night of the murder and the following day he paid over R800 000 into Gwabeni’s account. The state alleged that the monies were split between the accused.

AKA’s father Tony Forbes says the revelations mean they are one step closer to finding out who the real mastermind is.

“I’m happy that the NPA and police have worked hard to ensure they have a strong case, it was hard listening to the evidence but we are going to find out who is the mastermind,”

Experts believe that the evidence presented in court could lead to more arrests.

“The state’s case is not yet closed and there could be more people charged,” says Abigail Ngobene, Legal expert.

The state has opposed bail, citing that the accused are a flight risk and would evade trial. It said some of the accused had information on state witnesses.

The state says this was made clear when the fourth suspect, Gwabeni was also found in possession of one of the state witness’s affidavits.

A voice note was sent to the second accused Lindani Ndimande from a relative, informing him of the names of witnesses and that they would need to be eliminated.

The bail application resumes on the 2nd of April for further evidence by the state in the bail application.

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