Labour federation COSATU has called MultiChoice’s decision not to renew their contract with ANN7-TV hypocritical.

The federation says the decision was conveniently political, saying that the pay TV company succumbed to the pressure from a litany of lobbyists.

MultiChoice announced on Wednesday that it would not renew the ANN7 contract when it ends in August.

It says it would not make public a report on its decision.

COSATU spokesperson Sizwe Pamla says the workers will suffer.

“We should all allow law enforcement agencies to do their work, hold the country accountable, send criminals to prison, but if we start falling into trap to say because there are organisations we don’t like or make us feel uncomfortable and we should find a way to shut them down and in the process allow workers to be collateral damage then it’s a slippery slope, it’s something that as COSATU we will fight against.”

The public has shared their views on social media on the matter: