The Eastern Cape legislature has conveyed their condolences to the Ndamase family following the passing of the Queen Mother of AmaMpondo aseNyandeni at Libode in the Eastern Cape.

Queen Fikelephi ‘Bongolethu’ Ndamase is the mother of King Ndamase Ndamase whose coronation is scheduled for October this year.

She died on Thursday morning at St. Mary’s hospital in Mthatha, at the age of 57.

She is the grand-daughter of King Sobhuza of Swatini.

Deputy Speaker, Mlibo Qoboshiyane says Queen Ndamase played a significant role in the emancipation of women.

“We all know she has a very strong character when it comes to rural development, supporting indigent communities and family, particularly women. She has been an ambassador and a voice of reason to all structures, and to all platforms of community development. What has happened will always be remembered in the Eastern Cape.”

“She is an example to be emulated by those coming after her especially strengthening the institution of traditional leadership and the role of women in the traditional leadership transformation.”