Competition Commission refers Sasol Gas complaints to Competition Tribunal

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The Competition Commission has referred complaints against Sasol Gas for excessive pricing of natural gas to the Competition Tribunal.

The Commission found that Sasol Gas had extracted mark-ups of up to 72% for almost 10 years and is continuing.

Sasol Gas is the only supplier of natural piped gas in the country. It supplies gas to traders and end-users through a network of transmission and distribution pipelines.

Egoli Gas, the Industrial Gas Users Association of South Africa and Spring Lights Gas have lodged complaints against Sasol Gas.

The Competition Commission’s spokesperson Siyabulela Makhunga says, “In the main, the complainants alleged that Sasol engaged in excessive pricing in contravention of the Competition Act. We must indicate that Egoli Gas and Spring Lights Gas are gas traders and industrial customers. We also found that Sasol’s excessive pricing ultimately affected pricing to end user costumers who generally pass on the cost to consumers.”

Sasol accused of charging excessive prices for natural piped gas: Jaco Human