Five people have been arrested for serious crimes, including rape and murder in Nyanga on the Cape Flats this long weekend.

Western Cape Community Safety MEC, Albert Fritz is due to meet with Police Minister Bheki Cele in Parliament on Tuesday to discuss ongoing crime, including the gang crises.

A commission of inquiry into gang violence is expected to be announced by the Human Rights Commission this week.

Fritz says more than 2 000 people have died, mostly due to gang-related incidents since the beginning of November 2018.

He’s reiterated the call for communities to take back their streets by getting involved in community forums.

“When the rule of law starts disappearing we need to worry. We don’t want another Brazil, Flavellas where gangs control everything; where the police and everyone else is completely incapacitated. I think we really need to make sure that the rule of law happens; that the people have faith in the rule of law; when they report something to the police that they know that it will be investigated and there will be consequences,” says Fritz.