City Power to roll out new load shedding programme from Christmas Day

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City Power has revised its load shedding schedule from the frequent two-hour outages during higher stages of load shedding to four hours.

It re-introduced the four-hour cycle following complaints from customers after the utility took over the load shedding schedule from Eskom in November. Higher stages of load shedding posed a challenge for the power utility leading to frequent power outages with some blocks being switched off twice in six hours.

City Power spokesperson, Isaac Mangena says the revised schedule will take effect from Christmas day.

“After managing to re-align the blocks and reconfigure the network, we are pleased to announce that the team is ready to roll out a new load-shedding programme from Christmas day that completely removes the 2-hour break problem in higher stages. The four consecutive hours of load shedding would be similar to what customers experienced under Eskom, although on some days, particularly on Stage 5 and 6, it will be less intense of the impact than during other stages.”