The City of Tshwane in Pretoria says bus, licensing and waste collection services, especially in the CBD will not be available on Monday.

This is due to disruptions by employees affiliated with the South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) who embarked on a wage strike last week.

The CBD was brought to a standstill after workers interrupted services by opening fire hydrants, disposing the waste on streets and destroying property.

The City’s Spokesperson, Selby Bokaba says they have since obtained an interim order from the Labour Court declaring the strike unprotected.

“The situation remains the same. Buses are not the same, A-re-Yeng buses and Tshwane buses are not operating. Waste management is also severely affected especially in the CBD so it’s unlikely that some of the services. We will continue to assess the situation and if the situation improves, we will be able to release the buses because we need to consider the safety, not only of the drivers but of passengers as well as safeguarding our assets,” says Bokaba.