City of Cape Town film, media sector experiencing decline

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The City of Cape Town says it is experiencing a downward slide of about 40 percent in its film and media sector since 2015. The city says the number of permits issued for filming at city owned properties and public spaces has dropped by about 1000 applications from over 7000.

Mayoral Committee Member, JP Smith, says the industry contributed about R3.5 billion to the city coffers and created about 10 000 jobs by 2015.

Smith says while the decline might be a global trend, the city needs urgent interventions to revive the industry.

“There are things that the industry has to get right in terms of pricing and tariffs and its approach, but there are things also, things the city and the provincial government can do to make sure that the industry is everything it can be and in fact reach what we think is untapped potential that is out there.