Children will be heard, not just seen at ILO conference

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Children will, for the first time in the history of the Global Conference on the Elimination of Child Labour, participate in the conference discussions. This is the 5th gathering of the conference and is currently underway in Durban.

This afternoon’s children’s session at the conference will comprise of an intergenerational dialogue between children and policymakers discussing possible solutions to the eradication of child labour.

In attendance at this session will be children representing the five ILO regions. They will be joining both physically and virtually sharing their experiences of child labour and outlining their proposed recommendations for governments and policymakers to take into consideration.

It is estimated that 164 million children around the world are affected by child labour and of that number 600 000 are in South Africa.

The children’s session will be addressed by the CEO of the Humans Rights Commission of South Africa, Tseliso Thipanyane.


Child labour could decrease by 15 million by the end of 2022. That’s if proper policies are fully implemented. This is according to a report by the International Labour Organisation and UNICEF.

The video below has more on the report: