Chief Justice Mogoeng ordered to issue apology and retraction for pro-Israeli utterances

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Director of Advocacy group Africa4Palestine, Muhammed Desai has welcomed the Judicial Conduct Committee’s finding that Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng contravened parts of the Code of Judicial Conduct when he made pro-Israel comments in a webinar last June and at a prayer meeting.

Africa4Palestine brought the complaint against the Chief Justice.

Last year, a video of Chief Justice commenting on Israel emerged. In the footage, Chief Justice Mogoeng said as a Christian he’s obliged to love and pray for Israel and that his nation will be cursed if he doesn’t do so.

Reaction to Chief Justice comment in video below: 

Africa4Palestine says in a statement that the Committee found that some of the complaints lodged against Justice Mogoeng had been established.

Judge Phineas Mojapelo has directed that Justice Mogoeng issue an apology and retraction. In a statement on Thursday, the Committee has ordered the Chief Justice to apologise unconditionally and retract his statements following complaints by the SA BDS Coalition and others.

“The respondent CJ [Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng] shall issue an apology and retraction worded as follows:

Apology and Retraction

I, Mogoeng Mogoeng, Chief Justice of the Republic of South Africa, hereby apologise unconditionally for becoming involved in political controversy through my utterances in the online seminar (webinar) hosted by The Jerusalem Post on 23 June 2020, in which I participated.

I further hereby unreservedly retract and withdraw the following statement which I uttered subsequent thereto or other words to the same effect: “I stand by my refusal to retract or apologise for any part of what I said during the webinar. Even if 50 million people were to march every day for 10 years for me to do so, I would not apologise. If I perish, I perish.”


Director of Africa4Palestine Muhammed Desai says this is a victory.

“We warmly welcome today’s decision by deputy Justice Mojapelo. We think that it’s an affirmation of the confidence that we have in the JSC and the judiciary and we also welcome the fact that the JSC has taken a very strong position on this matter but not one without context. They have provided a 67-page judgment on this issue which provides its rationale as to why they ask the Chief Justice not only to apologise but also to retract his statement within 10 days of his pro-Israel comments made at a pro-Israel rally a few months ago.”

Director of Africa4Palestine Muhammed Desai: