Celebration to mark 90th birthday of Leah Tutu

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Leah Tutu, fondly referred to as Mama Leah, the widow of the late Anglican Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, celebrates her 90th birthday today.

Born on October 14th, 1933, she has long been regarded as an inspirational figure in her own right.

To honour this milestone, the Anglican Archbishop of Southern Africa, Thabo Makgoba, will conduct a special service at St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town.

Makgoba emphasised his joy and admiration for Leah Tutu.

“I look forward to celebrating the  mass and preaching where Mama Leah turns 90 years old today. I have seen her 90 year old friends  and others arriving yesterday. I also arrived yesterday from London. I know it’s going to be a great day.

“So, Mama Leah, we are filled with with joy and excitement that God has given you more than three scores 20. And that Tata is smiling with you as you turn 90 years old. We love you, we respect you and as we say in Sesotho, gole o’ska khokhobe, it’s a combination of Sesotho and the Isixhosa lingo. Yeepee Mama Leah, God Loves you and so do I,” says Makgoba.

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