Stay at home, Cele urges citizens

Police Minister Bheki Cele urged police officers to ensure that the lockdown is adhered to.
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Police Minister Bheki Cele has urged South Africans not to allow the country to slip into the same situation as several Western and European countries – where the coronavirus death rate continues to soar.

There are over 1.3 million cases and nearly 75 000 deaths across the globe.

The death toll in Italy is the highest in the world, standing at 16 523.

The US has by far, the most Covid19 infections  – with over 350-thousand cases. There are 1686 confirmed coronavirus cases in South Africa, and 12 related deaths.

Cele addressed residents in Secunda, Mpumalanga – as he assessed whether people are adhering to the national lockdown rules.

“It is important that we are very strict here, up to this point we are impressed with what has been done. We shouldn’t reach desperate times.”

”The report this (Tuesday) morning was within 24hrs Spain lost 800 people. Let’s not reach those desperate hours. Use water, soap, sanitize and make sure to stay in the house. It’s a call we make to work together, protect ourselves and not reach desperate times,” explains Cele.

In the video below, Minister Cele says people should stop making requests for bottle stores to be opened:

Cele reinstates cigarette sale ban in the Western Cape

Minister of Police Bheki Cele says the Western Cape has reinstated a ban on the sale of cigarettes during the lockdown period.

This after Western Cape Premier Alan Winde eased the ban on Thursday, saying cigarettes could be bought together with essential goods.

Winde says he was in contact with President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday morning about concerns on the interpretation for the regulations related to essential goods following the national lockdown.

The sale of cigarettes has been banned during the lockdown.

Cele says Winde has failed to explain why he considered cigarettes essential goods.

“I spoke at length with the Premier of Western Cape saying please give me your evidence to say cigarettes is an essential matter. Premier couldn’t do it except that he reported me to the president and next time to say I’m saying cigarettes should not be bought.“

”He equated cigarettes to the dry wood. Dry wood, if you don’t have electricity you make food out of it. So, food and the food chain remains essential including wood, but cigarettes cannot be. I’m told that that has been withdrawn by the Western Cape and they believe that they need to follow the national approach,” says Cele.