Cape Town volunteer workers say 35 water tanks are ready to be delivered to several schools in the drought hit Peninsula.

Private companies have donated the tanks which are distributed by the Save Our Schools (SOS) non-profit organisation.

Five tanks, with a volume of five-thousand-litres each, were on Monday morning delivered at Zonnebloem Primary in Woodstock.

SOS Director, Shelley Humphreys says, “The main goal of SOS is to keep schools open, operational and sanitary because we’re very concerned that when the water crisis hit, a lot of schools turned off their taps, using hand sanitisers.  A lot of children were concerned about the spread of diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia which can be easily be prevented by just washing your hands, and if there’s no water they can’t.”

Zonnebloem Primary says the five large water tanks that were donated to the school, will help boost the school’s water management plan.

Principal Dion May says it could help save about 200-thousand litres of water per month.

Dion says the five thousand litre water tanks will mainly be connected to the school’s ablution systems.

“On our estate here, if we look at boys and girls, we’ve got about 700 kids, you do the maths there and work out more or less what each kid is using per month. So that’s a lot of saving, so we hope to harvest all our grey water, all our rain water and all that is going to be planned back directly to our water tanks as well. Hopefully we’ll get a lot of rain and that rain water will go towards our non-potable source to help with ablutions as well,” says Dion.