Five borders between South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe remain closed to neighbouring countries on the first day (Thursday) of the opening of borders to African nations as Level 1 lockdown regulations take effect.

While South Africa opened its borders for international travelers, Zimbabwe only opens for repatriation of its nationals while Botswana only opens for essential travelers and cargo.

Travelers remain stranded at Beitbridge Border post:

The five affected borders in South Africa are those bordering the neighbouring countries in Limpopo and North West provinces.

“The borders with Zimbabwe as well as Botswana will remain closed at least on the sides of the neighbouring countries much as South African borders are open Botswana is still open for essential travel and those who were allowed for travel previously during lockdown levels. Zimbabwe, on the other hand, also only allow for the repatriation of nationals including the movement of cargo, but got all the other travels, it remains closed,” says Home Affairs Director of Ports of entry Stephen van Neels.

Scores of people are stranded at the Beit Bridge Border Post after they were barred from crossing to Zimbabwe and beyond as the neighbouring country has yet to reopen it borders.

Scores of people stranded at the Beit Bridge Border Post: