Body of missing teen boy found buried in Cape Town

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The body of 14-year-old Chad Isaacs has been found buried in a shallow grave in Symphony Way near his home in Delft on the Cape Flats.

The teenager went missing for two days before a community search ensued and made the gruesome discovery.

Isaacs’s body was found buried in a shallow grave with burnt debris covering the grave.

The community police forum said it received a tip off after he went missing on Monday.

Natalie van Schalkwyk of the Delft Community Policing Forum says: “First we were on the wrong side then we got information that we need to go to the other side and when we got to the scene it was just as the person gave it to us. When we got there it was very suspicious because drums were still burning.”

Family in shock

The community and police could however not start digging immediately because it was too dark.

The next day a police search team confirmed that it was indeed Chad. The family says it is still in shock.

Chad’s grandmother, Ingrid Abrahams, says: “He was a very sweet child, always laughing and making noises. Very difficult at times but he would always apologise when he was wrong. I wouldn’t say he was involved in a gang, he was always respectful to me.”

The family also described Chad as a troubled boy. His mother died when he was five and his father has been absent throughout his life.

His grandmother says he did not deserve to die the way he did.

Family friend Chinine Adriaanse says: “We need to unite as mothers and parents because the way things are going it’s not right. We need to unite because when we do we are warriors.”

Police say no arrests have been made and the investigation continues.