Ben Martins’ evidence contradicted at State Capture Commission

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Chief of Air Traffic Navigation Services (ATNS) Hennie Marais has directly contradicted some of the evidence given by former Transport Minister Ben Martins, before the State Capture Commission in Johannesburg.

The commission has adjourned for the day.

Earlier, the former minister said he was informed by an official from the ATNS that the Waterkloof aircraft did not have the necessary foreign operator permit ahead of the infamous Gupta wedding plane landing at the Airforce base.

Martins further said that he mandated that official to issue a fine, but the head of the ATNS says they do not issue fines.

“But our task is not to monitor foreign operator permits, to issue them, or to police who has and who has not. ATNS does not impose any fines to anybody. We are here to provide a service and to levy a tariff for that service. There’s no recollection of any fines or of reporting to the minister.”

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