Law enforcement to intervene in Clifton Fourth Beach security issue

Clifton beach
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City of Cape Town law enforcement have been told to intervene if a private security company again orders beachgoers to leave the popular Clifton Fourth Beach.

The company’s security personnel cleared the beach at 8PM earlier this week, telling people it was closed at night.

The City of Cape Town says the company does not have the powers to close beaches or to restrict access.

Beachgoer, Fatima Shabodien, who was one of those affected , says she felt discriminated against.

Shabodien says: “The real issue is in whose interest are they acting and on whose instruction. How is it possible that in our country 24 years post apartheid, a private security company has the right to tell us we don’t have access to a public beach.”

“We’ve been here before, we waged a struggle to have access to beaches, we were led by Archbshop Desmond Tutu under the slogan all God’s beaches for all God’s people, so we back 24 years later and we have to wage the same struggles. We can’t let it happen, it shouldn’t be allowed,” she adds.