Attacks on Palestinians evoke painful genocide memories: Namibia

Namibia says it is reminded of the genocide endured under Germany's rule.
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Namibia’s Minister of Justice, Yvonne Dausab has told the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that the attacks on Palestinians in Gaza evoke the painful memories of genocide conducted by Germany on the Namibians.

She is representing Namibia at the ICJ’s public hearings on the legality of the occupation of Palestinian territories by Israel.

Namibia and other countries including South Africa, want the World Court to declare Israel’s occupation illegal.

Dausab says residents have been violently removed and displaced from their homes.

She says, “Today Palestinians have had to endure the seizure of their land and property. Illegal settlements, unlawful killings, forced displacement, drastic movement restrictions and the denial of refugees’ right to return and of equal nationality and citizenship. The reality of the people of Palestine evokes painful memories for many Namibians of my generation.”

VIDEO: Namibia makes representation in the ICJ public hearings into the Israeli occupation of Palestine