ATM leader promises to create jobs by building factories

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African Transformation Movement (ATM) leader Vuyo Zungula says his party if voted into power, will ramp up job creation by constructing factories that will hire people.
The ATM was launching its provincial campaign at the Jabulani Amphitheatre in Soweto where Zungula addressed thousands of supporters on Sunday.
South Africans go to the polls in general elections on 29 May.
Zungula says ATM solutions are tailored to address critical issues such as unemployment. “Under the ATM government, we are going to ensure that there’s local production of basic goods. We can’t be importing soap, and toothpicks to the extent that everything we eat, and wear is made in other countries. SA will not be Made in China county. Under ATM most products will be made in SA that is how you create jobs, you build factories, and manufacture in that country to create jobs.”

Quality of healthcare 
The ATM has also criticised the quality of health services for the poor. The party says there must be quality health care for all South Africans.
Zungula has decried the status quo of exceptional health services for the wealthy. This is despite the government’s current intervention to ensure that all citizens have access to quality healthcare through the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill.
“We are equally saying, as the ATM, there needs to be quality healthcare for everyone. There can’t be a case whereby if you are rich, you are wealthy, you are going to get exceptional healthcare but if you are poor, you are not going to get quality healthcare.”
Social grants 
ATM says there must be an increase in social grants. Zungula says the grant system must be dependable, adding that the increase must reflect the scale of the needs of South Africans.
“There must be a timeous and dependable grant system. We can’t have grants that we will receive today and tomorrow we don’t get them and grants must increase to reflect the needs of our people.”