Antiretroviral ring given the green light in Europe

Reading Time: 2 minutes

South African women have reacted with joy to the news that the antiretroviral vaginal ring has been given the green light for authorisation in Europe.

The vaginal ring with antiretroviral dapirivine, may soon be available as another HIV prevention method for women if approved in South Africa and the continent.

This follows HIV clinical trials conducted in four African countries, South Africa, Zimbabawe, Uganda and Malawi about a decade ago.

The ring which releases the antiretroviral over a period of a month, has showed that it reduces chances of HIV prevention by 35 per cent in young women.

Advocates for the Prevention of HIV in Africa, Yvette Raphael, says this is such great news for women all around the globe.

“This is such great news for women in South Africa, women in Africa and women globally. This has been a very long journey to have an HIV prevention method that works for women, but now more than ever we have to push for our government to approve this ring that will prevent HIV infection in young women. For the women who participated in these trials you are our heroes.”