Another petrol price hike expected in August

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The Central Energy Fund (CEF) says motorists can expect another fuel price increase in August.

CEF says the prices of both petrol and diesel are expected to increase next month.

Petrol is likely to increase by 36-cents per litre, with diesel set to go up by around 72-cents a litre.

The Automobile Association’s Spokesperson, Layton Beard says, ” The data is showing that the main driver behind the expected increases is international oil prices, which escalated steadily throughout the month.”

“Easing some of the pressure on fuel prices is the rand, which improved against the US dollar throughout the month. The strengthening of the local currency is ensuring the expected fuel increases are not higher but this is not doing enough to avoid the hikes,” Beard adds.

This month, the price for 93-unleaded petrol came down by 24 cents a litre, while 95-unleaded decreased by 17 cents less, although diesel prices will rose by between 12 and 18 cents a litre.

VIDEO: The Petrol price decreased and diesel increased in July: