Consumers slam latest fuel price hikes

Cars at a fuel station
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Frustration and stress are running high as consumers lament the latest fuel price hikes.

From Wednesday, both grades of petrol increased by R 1. 21 cents per litre.

Diesel increased by between R1.05 cents and R1.18 cents per litre, while the retail price of paraffin increased by 64 cents a litre.

LP gas increased by 41 cents per kilogram.

Consumers say daily life will become even more difficult to survive as other essential items will inevitably increase as well.

One person says, “I think the government should be transparent, whoever is raising the price of fuel, to tell us how much from the fund is the government making and furthermore, these fuel prices that go up will have a serious effect on our poor people.”

“The rich are all right, they will make it. But people from the poorer families, they can’t afford all of that. I think it is ridiculous for them to push the fuel price.”

VIDEO: Fuel price hike to further burden consumers: