ANC the only organisation that can take SA forward: Ramaphosa

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ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa says with its experience in government, the governing party is not bound fail. He was speaking at the launch of the party’s manifesto for the 2024 elections.

The 58-page document of the ANC election promises has identified six priorities to have South Africa working. This included the creation of jobs, spurring economic growth and re-industrialization among others.

Ramaphosa says the 30 years in government will come in handy to help the ANC fulfil its election promises.

“The ANC is working hard to restore your trust and confidence in us as the leader of fundamental socio-economic transformation in society. There is no organisation that has the experience, and the leadership, and the knowledge, the capability like the ANC. We are the only organisation that can take SA forward. If we have learnt anything we have learnt it from our mistakes but we have also learnt if from our experience,” says Ramaphosa.

ANC Manifesto Launch 2024 | ANC election manifesto launch analysis: Dr Levy Ndou

Ramaphosa says his party will continue to support Palestine in the war between Hamas and Israel.

South Africa has won a historic genocide case that was brought before the International Court of Justice (ICJ), based in The Hague, the Netherlands, in January.

Later in the month, the ICJ delivered a notable ruling on South Africa’s petition accusing Israel of genocide in its assault on Gaza.

Israel’s military offensive was triggered by Hamas’s unprecedented attack on 7th of October in which gunmen killed over 1000 people – mainly civilians.

Ramaphosa has used the ANC manifesto launch at Moses Mabhida Stadium in KwaZulu-Natal to reinforce the party’s solidarity with Palestine.

“The ANC will continue to play an active role in promoting peace, development and justice globally. Yes, we will continue to advance our solidarity with the people of Palestine who are being slaughtered through a genocide right now. We will continue to stand with the Palestinians. WE will continue to stand with them,” says Ramaphosa.

ANC Election Manifesto 2024 | ANC Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa delivers manifesto speech: