ANC says Ramaphosa will comply with SCOPA’s request for written representations

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The ANC says President Cyril Ramaphosa will comply with the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) request to make written representations about a complaint against him.

This after SCOPA said it has given President Cyril Ramaphosa seven days to explain what he knows about the abuse of state funds for party-political campaigns.

Sibongile Besani, ANC Head of Presidency shares more:

This follows a letter by ANC MP Mervyn Dirks urging the committee to summon Ramaphosa to appear before it to explain leaked remarks where he apparently admits to knowing about such abuse of state funds.

ANC’s head of presidency Sibongile Besani says Ramaphosa has always demonstrated cooperation with any requirement for accountability.

“All that one can assert quite firmly is that the President has never reneged on any institution that requires of him to account for what is believed to be his conduct or any other thing. He is one President who respects the rules of the game, the rule of law, in particular, accountability.”