ANC in Limpopo embarrassed by deployees not fully spending budgets

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The ANC in Limpopo says it’s embarrassed by its deployees who don’t spend allocated budgets while people of the province languish in poverty. The party’s Provincial Secretary, Rueben Madadzhe, says while the party noted improvements in the water supply to Vhembe and the Collins Chabane regions, water provision in Sekhukhune remains a huge challenge. Madadzhe was briefing the media following the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) meeting this week.

According to ANC Limpopo, the state of service delivery came under scrutiny in the party’s PEC meeting held earlier this week. The party’s leadership says it’s worried about the state of water provision in the Vhembe, Mopani and Sekhukhune districts as well as at the Polokwane local municipality.

Madadzhe says they are embarrassed that money budgeted for service delivery gets returned to National Treasury because of non-expenditure.

“We gave them clear instructions that they need to provide water because in Sekhukhune it’s not a problem of resources because they fall under the category of municipalities that return back money. So, it’s not about money but it’s about internal capacity of our staff and our comrades to discharge the response of water provision if the situation in Sekhukhune is not going to change, then heads will roll,” says Madadzhe.

Madadzhe also says that the issue of mayorship in the Collins Chabane and Sekhukhune District municipalities was also under the spotlight.

The mayor position at Sekhukhune District became vacant following the removal of Mayor, Julia Mathebe, who is implicated in the VBS scandal. The Collins Chabane mayor’s position became vacant after the death of Moses Maluleke last year.

“There is a process that is unfolding officials are going to meet officials of the region. Immediately after that meeting a special PEC will be convened. Immediately after the special PEC, there is a process of national and the process of national the PEC can’t dictate when they are going to start triggering the process,” Madadzhe added.

The PEC has also resolved that the Regional Secretary of the Waterberg region, Rufus Mahoro, must resign as a full-time councillor.

ANC Limpopo media briefing post PEC meeting: