Alleged racist attack at resort in Free State on Christmas Day

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A case of common assault has been opened against two white male adults who allegedly attacked two teenage boys, aged 18 and 14, at the Maselspoort Resort outside Bloemfontein on Christmas Day.

One of the boy’s father, Brian Nakeng says the white men refused to let the boys swim in a pool at the resort.

More on the incident in video below:

Nakeng says they explained to the adult white men attacking their boys that they were also residents at the holiday facility.

He says others started shouting at them, telling them that they didn’t belong there.

“Other guys who were there started shouting, no you don’t belong here, it’s only for us, so we said eh man what are you saying, this is true what you have been doing to kids. But what was very strange is that the people that we have earlier engaged with in terms of the incident, all of the sudden they were the ones who were leading, charging at the kids, very violently so, we were taken aback, they said that there was miscommunication.”