A public meeting between residents of Alexandra, north of Johannesburg, and officials from the City is expected to take place on Friday morning, to try and find a solution to end the protests.

On Wednesday, thousands of protestors took to the streets, completely shutting down the area.

Schools were closed, businesses were shut down and all entrances and exits of the township were blocked off by protestors.

It was relatively calm on Thursday, with only a few streets blocked by protestors.

Day 2 of protests in Alexandra is well underway #AlexTotalShutDown #sabcnews pic.twitter.com/s7wVF8QXFM

The residents were demonstrating against a lack of service delivery and the mushrooming of illegal structures in the area.

Community leader Sandile Mavundla says, “The latest news we got from the leadership, I’m talking about the councillors, is that they have communicated with the higher structures within the City of Johannesburg and there is a proper public meeting. So let’s appeal to our community to not close the streets, clinics, and schools. Let’s allow everything so we will be listening to the report based on what we have got now.”

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