Al Bayt Stadium

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key Facts

Capacity – 60 000 Seats

Host City –  Al khor City

Completed – 2014


20 November  Group A : Qatar v Ecuador (19:00)

23 November  Group F : Morocco v Senegal (13:00)

25 November  Group B : England v USA (22:00)

27 November  Group E : Spain v Germany (22:00)

29 November  Group A : Netherlands v Qatar (18:00)

1 December  Group E : Costa Rica v Germany (22:00)

4 December  Round of 16 : 1B v 2A (22:00)

History and Description 

The Al Bayt Stadium is one of the stadiums that were built to host the 2022 Qatar FIFA World cup.

Al Bayt Stadium was opened officially in30 November 2021, It was the first round group match of Arab Cup between Qatar and Bahrein, the venue also hosted the final of the tournament which was won by Algeria.

The stadium was built later 2015, but its plan and presentation to be built was in 2014.

The design of the stadium reflects the inside of a bendouin tent, with its colours: red, white and black. The roof of the stadium is retractable, opening and closing inn 20 minutes.

The capacity of Al Bayt Stadium is 60 000 seats, divided over three tiers. 32 000 seats will be the new capacity of the stadium after world cup because the top tier will be removed.

Al khor City on the southern- eastern edge is where Al Bayt Stadium is located and Al Bayt stadium is the only stadium situated in the Doha area that will host the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup.

During the 2022 Qatar FIFA world Cup, the stadium will host games including the first round group matches, opening match, a round of 16, quarter final and semi-final match.

Source: FIFA and the stadiumguide.com