DA supporters in Free State urge South Africans to vote for the party

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Thousands of Democratic Alliance (DA) supporters have welcomed party leader John Steenhuisen with excitement and warmth at Thaba Nchu in the Free State.

Some pledged to vote for the DA and urged ordinary South Africans to vote for change, they said this during the DA provincial manifesto launch.

They say the DA is the only party that can liberate the Free State.

Some added that people should stop complaining and go vote. They say the DA is their only hope for change.

“I say people let’s go and vote for DA, if we want to see change, we have to go and vote for the party that we will see. If we don’t do that, don’t come back and complain about this and that.”

“I’m very excited about these coming elections, because it gives us the opportunity to go and elect the government that we want, to change the administration that we currently have, just for us to see things happening in the manner that we want them to happen.”