Five suspects in Moses Maluleke’s murder found guilty

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Five men have been found guilty for the murder of Collins Chabane Mayor Moses Maluleke.

The High Court in Polokwane, Limpopo, has finalised the delivery of a two-day judgment.

Judge Violet Semenya has ruled that the five murderers acted with common purpose with the intention to rob Maluleke of about R10 million but ended up shooting and killing him and injuring his son.

Maluleke was shot and killed at his home in Xikundu village, outside Malamulele.

Judge Semenya read her verdict, “Count number three, I’m satisfied that the state proved that the murder was committed in furthering the common purposes and also during the commission of robbery the accused number 1, number 3, number 4, number 5 and number 6 are found guilty of murder.”

Earlier, the judge stated that she is satisfied that state witness in the murder trial of five men accused of killing Maluleke was reliable and truthful.

Judge Semenya was referring to the testimony given by state witness, Avhatakali Mulaudzi.

Judge Semenya said the fact Mulaudzi told the court that the prosecutor persuaded him on what to say during his testimony is an indication that he is an honest person.

Judge Semenya said, “A reasonable court can only arrived at a conclusion that he is a truthful witness instead of labeling him as a liar what do not accept is that renders Mr Mulaudzi an unreliable and untruthful witness.”