DA’s Pappas promises 300 000 jobs if voted KZN Premier

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The DA’s premier candidate in KwaZulu-Natal Chris Pappas has promised to create 300 000 jobs in the province, should he be elected premier following May’s general election.

He was delivering the party’s Provincial Manifesto Pledge at Verulam north of Durban. Pappas pledged to create opportunities, skills development and support for people over 35 years old.

“So, when I’m elected Premier, I aim to create 300 000 real jobs for the people of KwaZulu-Natal. We will not rely on the collapsed state to grow the economy, instead we will establish public-private partnerships to strengthen crucial energy, communication, water and transportation infrastructure. A growing economy will mean more opportunities for young people. To connect these young people to the world of work, we will establish a work-seekers transportation allowance. I will open opportunities for work and to support those who are over 35 as well just like we’re doing in uMngeni.”

Meanwhile these DA supporters say they believe they are hopeful the DA will tackle all the challenges they are facing, because they say, the ruling party has failed them.

“There’s been three weeks of strike and nothing is getting done, that’s what the DA will do. They will end corruption because there’s a lot of corruption in the city. That’d what you get when you vote for the DA into power, you get action not procrastination. 2.Why I say the DA can change this, we don’t come and criticize the governing party without having a solution. We will criticize the party, however, we will give them a practical solution, see the reality of the situation and try to rectify and be honest to be residents and communicate with them.”