Israel argues that Hamas uses Palestinians as human shields

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Israel has accused Hamas of causing destruction in Gaza and to the Palestinian people through what it says is Hamas’ strategic infiltration of civilian communities.

Israel, through its legal counsel, argues that Hamas has deliberately embedded itself into communities and using the Palestinian population as human shields.

The country has sought to counter South Africa’s argument at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at the Hague that Israel is in violation of the Genocide Convention of 1948 in its intensified military action in Gaza.

Israel’s case at the ICJ:

Dr Tal Becker, on behalf of Israel, says the death of Palestinians in Gaza is because of Hamas.

“The civilian suffering in warfare is not unique to Gaza. Hamas has systematically and unlawfully embedded its military operations, militants and assets throughout Gaza within and beneath densely populated areas. It has built an extensive underground tunnels for its leaders and fighters. This is not an occasional tactic, it is an integrated, pre-planned, extensive and abhorrent method of warfare. The horrible cost of Hamas, not only failing to protect its civilians but actively sacrificing them for its own propaganda and military benefit.”