Three killed in Christmas Day attack in Western Uganda

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Three people have died in Western Uganda following an attack on Christmas Day by suspected Allied Democratic Forces rebels. The attack is the second in the district in a week. Authorities say the victims’ house was set ablaze late on Christmas Day.

Residents found charred bodies buried in the ashes. The victims are said to be an elderly woman and her two grandchildren.

The assailants are suspected to be remnants of the ADF rebel group in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Monday night attack comes days after a similar incident in the same district last week that claimed the lives of 10 people.

The army says it has started recruitment of over 1 400 locals to form patrol units in the affected areas.

Uganda Army spokesperson General Felix Kulayige says,” This is complimenting the UPDF efforts. These one will be guarding and protecting the villages they come from.

Uganda and DR Congo forces have since 2021 launched a joint operation to wipe out the militants.

More than 500 ADF rebels have been killed since.