Lebombo border processes record number of people in a day

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The Border Management Authority says it has recorded the highest number of people processed in a day this festive season at the Lebombo border post- going into Mozambique.

It says that its operations were in full swing to facilitate and manage the movement of people and goods across 72 ports of entry nationwide.

Commissioner of the Border Management Authority Dr Michael Masiapato, “At Lebombo border post into Mozambique, we actually logged the highest number of people that we had to administrate in a day and that was 28 000. So, all in all we have facilitated around 350 000, out of Lebombo port of entry. In terms of Beit Bridge, which is our second top in terms of land ports, we’ve administrated around 300 000 individuals into the Zimbabwean side in terms of the average numbers. On a daily basis we’re looking at around 17 000 per day, that we have been facilitating. And of course, our top port OR Tambo International Airport, we’re now sitting at over 400 00 that we have facilitated. So, everything is going according to plan.”