Pandor concerned global tensions could divert focus from Africa

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Minister for International Relations and Cooperation, Naledi Pandor, says she is concerned that current global tensions and conflicts are shifting attention from the African continent.

Speaking on the second day of the Cape Town Conversation conference, Pandor pointed out that the continent is beginning to regress from the earlier gains of democratisation.

She says Africa has a lot of attributes that, if properly harnessed, could ensure the continent achieves its developmental goals.

She says the continent needs leaders who are able to harness its diversity and huge endowment with natural resources to drive development.

“These disruptions have worrying impacts on the continent and African aspirations for fundamental change in our world. In our current state, there are 20 conflicts underway. We have had a recent resurgence in coups, especially in our West African region. And we also see a worrying decline in democratic practices and in institution formation for the public good.”