Pregnant women urged to use caution during heatwave

Using water to cool off in high temperatures
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Pregnant women have been urged to take extra care and avoid direct exposure to the heat after the weather service issued a heat wave warning for parts of Gauteng, the Free State, the North West and the Eastern Cape.

Medical Expert, Dr Rifuwo Masingi says people who engage in exercise should avoid doing it in the heat.

Masingi says higher than-normal temperatures may lead to complications in pregnancies.

“Pregnant women are at a high risk of suffering from complications. And this is really a concern hence we are saying people should take care and try to avoid excessive exposure to the heat. And let us try and minimise engaging in exercise activities, especially under very high temperatures.”

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Scorching temperatures

Meanwhile, some residents in Phalaborwa, Limpopo, have flocked to local pools to escape the heatwave.

The South African Weather Service has warned of scorching temperatures over several parts of the country.

It has issued a red warning with temperatures reaching over 40 degrees Celsius in the northern parts of Limpopo.

Two weeks ago, high temperatures caused veld fires which claimed a resident’s life and destroyed 12 properties.

These locals say the pools are providing some relief.

“Because at home we don’t have a pool. So, I usually use communal swimming pools. But sometimes people have the same idea as me. These pools fill up very early.”

Extreme heat-wave predicted for SA