Biden hopeful a new US House Speaker will be elected swiftly

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United States President Joe Biden hopes a new Speaker of the US House Representatives will be elected swiftly, to allow Congress to address urgent challenges that the country is facing.

This after the House voted to oust the Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The move is part of a rebellion from hardliners in his own party.

This is the first time in history that the chamber has removed the Speaker from office.

The House has been left in paralysis and unable to pass legislation.

It was McCarthy’s last-minute willingness to work with Democrats to keep the Government open and the passage of key legislation to prevent a shutdown that has now cost him his job.

The effort was spearheaded by Florida Republican Matt Gaetz, a longtime critic of the Speaker whom he has criticized for compromising with Democrats and for breaking a secret agreement that got him elected after 15 rounds in January.

McCarthy’s efforts to appease his Republican detractors by announcing a controversial impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden failed to prevent his demise.

The House is now without a Speaker and must elect a new leader before the business of the Chamber can resume.