Joanne Jowell, the author of Zephany: Two mothers, one daughter, says the situation between Miché Solomon and her biological family is challenging.

She wrote the life story of 22-year-old Zephany Nurse, who was abducted as a two-day old baby at Groote Schuur hospital in 1997.

She was only reunited with her biological family at the age of 17.

Nurse won the right to be known by her real name Miché Solomon, on Tuesday, in the High Court in Pretoria.

Jowell says Solomon prefers to live with the family who raised her, because her relationship with her biological parents is challenging.

“I would call it a relationship under construction, really, it’s a very challenging relationship as you can imagine. I mean how does one really connect with people who effectively are strangers, they were strangers to one another and it has had its fair share of strain and difficulty, but they work together, Miché  and Celeste, her biological mother and her biological siblings in particular, its not easy its not easy at all.”

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